The media team has been informed of the 787 specs in details.
The Dreamliner is an example of aviation technology being pushed towards new boundaries and helping with airline economics.
A key feature of the Dreamliner is the use of ­lightweight advanced composites.

These make up about half of the 787, including big parts such as the 60 metre wing and the fuselage, making the plane lighter and more fuel-efficient.
Composites don’t corrode, which cuts down on the maintenance bill.

The engines in the 787 use advanced technology to reduce fuel burn.

Another feature that has generated interest in the Dreamliner is that the pneumatic systems that are typically used on commercial planes have been switched so that electrical systems are used instead. This, too, is a feature that lowers fuel burn and also means less maintenance.

As well the aircraft can get to a higher cruising altitude than many commercial jets, where the atmosphere is thinner, meaning less resistance and therefore less fuel burn.