Coming indigenous supersonic UAV

TAI Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. Gene Md Temel Kotil: “Turkey’s first supersonic IHA is Göksungur will perform its first flight in 2020. We are working on it. Our engine for supersonic turbojet that will be. “

c4defence makes a special statement to Kotil, Aksungur and voiced about recent developments Göksungur UAVs. ANKA platform through Kotil said that they aim to deliver in the first quarter of the year developed Aksungur, during 2019 they deal with Aksungur, Aksungur is produced in a short span of 18 months, this time the experience gained recalled further that shortened each time.

Kotil said, “We are working on supersonic UAV Göksungur. We aim to blow him without a year. We will be supersonic turbojet engine for that,” he said.