Oral and dental health is part of overall health. Deterioration of oral health in the digestive tract, heart, brain, kidneys, and can cause serious health problems in the joints. On the other hand explaining some of the symptoms of some diseases in the mouth that may indicate systemic Dt. Pertev Kökdemir, I advise you to have a healthy smile for the new year.

Here are the details ...

1-defer your dental treatment.

Get in the habit of performing your examination of a dentist every 6 months.

2-If you have missing teeth, start the treatment as soon as the implant.

Over time displacement of adjacent teeth, and elongation starts to tip over into the void. After a while it occurs to bone loss and gum problems in the region. After this point may cost less than normal to make the implant.

3- renewal of the old prosthesis in 2020.

There is a certain life of the prosthesis. Available in a range of 5-10 years. Prostheses gum recession, systemic diseases such as osteoporosis or in a short time becomes more problematic in the absence of adequate oral hygiene.

If you 4-Teeth grinding, begin to treat plaque night.

Over the years, hard and soft tissues of the face that have lost their old habit of clenching intensity and speed up this process so that it becomes more apparent collapse. Gnashing of teeth at the same time, it causes pain in the muscles of the face and jaw joint disorders. Prevent wear of tooth plaque by night.

5-Star's have a laugh.

If you are not happy with your smile, you're on will show more young and attractive Hollywood smile you explore the application if it is suitable.