Istanbul Istanbul because of weather conditions that may adversely affect some media organizations that made the flight at the airport and could not make a statement on the need to spread the news on social media organs were heard.

In particular, we wish to state that; The most important rule of aviation flights is to ensure the safety of life and property. With this in mind, continued their work Istanbul Airport, after the adverse weather conditions affecting Istanbul continues its work on behalf of passengers affected by this situation.

In Istanbul for 2 days all public transport networks cause adverse weather conditions affecting flight took place in the airports experienced with delays.

30/12/2019 (yesterday) in an operation that took place in Istanbul Airport has experienced more than 13 wind cause rust. This year's April - December period with the same period last year and compared to Ataturk Airport Istanbul Airport; 620 Airport runway rust Istanbul in passing, in 1016 this figure Ataturk Airport was realized as last year. All this shows that the average year; pass ratio of airplanes rink rust Istanbul Airport Ataturk Airport in the number exceed last year's level is approximately half pass.

Aviation and bypassing the divertor is an important phase of flight safety procedures that are appropriate for the safety of flights the pilots.

Despite the adverse weather conditions affecting Istanbul in Istanbul Airport, continue operations without interruption and there is no cancellation of any flight.

It respectfully informs the public.


HDI Airport Management Inc.