Within the scope of coronavirus measures, with the decision of the Ministry of Health, the application of "negative PCR test submission" started at all border gates for those coming from abroad. On all flights from abroad, those who did not have a test result in the last 72 hours were not accepted to flights.

Passengers with a PCR test certificate entered Istanbul Airport without any problems due to the practice that came into effect as of midnight.

Ministry of Health, all over the world in the number of cases increases, and the outbreak of the speed gain due from 30 December to Turkey by air, sea and by land for future made the last 72 hours, negative PCR announced that it is compulsory test results document. The decision taken began to be implemented at all border gates as of midnight.


Passengers arriving by air were asked to submit their test results during ticket and baggage procedures at the opposite station. Passengers who did not have a test result in the last 72 hours were not accepted to flights.


On the other hand, the following statements were made in the written statement made by Turkish Airlines regarding the issue:

"The requirements of the regulation in Turkey, overseas output, Turkey cheap Turkey or indirect as in route to another country flights carried the countries where the local date and time of the December 30, 2020 at 00:00 as the flight time of a maximum of 72 hours a negative PCR samples having been granted before Passengers under the age of 6 are not obliged to submit a test result.Our transit passengers must also take into account the rules of the country of destination in terms of PCR test requirement, age limit and time directions. Passengers who do not, will not be accepted to the flight. "