Preferred conventional silicon and adipose tissue in augmentation therapy applications lose their retention after a certain time. Enriched with the fatty tissue of the person's own stem cells 'adiposity stem cell research' and able to grow and permanent natural breast. applications where traditional methods than 80% of the active remains close to the living tissue, are preferred as after breast cancer surgery.

Patients instead of precursor cells from mature cells that replicated Business Bank of Turkey said Associate Icerenkoy flourishing flourishing Levent Hospital and Medical Center Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Riza Erçöç that, "In most of these applications are replicating tissues in the laboratory. But not replicate those precursor cells, mature cells are happening. However, the environment in which the precursor cells are injected in turn into the most important feature. "

In the 19th century, modern plastic surgery from being implemented, seeking to eliminate the problems in the existing techniques and the development continues. Silicone prostheses result expected as much non-permanent fat grafting as an alternative to the resulting adipocytes stem cell studies used in this context, breast augmentation therapy, people naturally with stem cells obtained from the cells and affords prolonged augmentation facilities.


Stem cell research said women can perform with the natural and permanent breast augmentation Turkey Business Bank Associate Icerenkoy flourishing flourishing Levent Hospital and Medical Center Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Ali Riza Erçöç said, "So far, not made or natural breast augmentation and reconstruction operations in silicone implants or fat tissue were used as grafts. But in the long term because it is natural, but preferred fat graft remains alive for 30 percent, while 70 percent would disappear. Both permanent and natural being and naturalness in order from the other person's own tissue began to work on the creation of this method. 11-year results showed that the successful outcome of the process, "he said.


People benefiting from the bank's own fat tissue and transactions made from bone cells present in the body that may seem too simple to very complex applications is done actually operating conditions. To achieve this process is carried liposuction fat tissue in the patient. Some patients with liposuction performed in the same session is also given to the body contour.
Fat tissue taken from patients before blood cells and stripped of their acidity is reduced. After washing the cells and enzymatic treatment and splits again at the end of ten minutes centrifugation in the wash process. Approximately one-hour period during this process cell group called mesenchymal stromal vascular fraction thus splits. These cells are precursor cells in the inner oil contains precursor precursor vessel and connective tissue cells and inflammatory cells in particular. When placed in the breast adipose tissue enriched with stem cell is obtained lasting results.
Comparison retention rate of adipose tissue in a mammary fat grafts applied by conventional methods while 30-40% of the stem cell enriched fat grafting, this ratio reaches 70-80%.

THE TREATMENT OF BURNS AND SCAR would be implemented

Tissues collected from the person's fat or bone marrow, obtained after isolation were processed and mesenchymal called stem cells, correction of breast augmentation, as well as congenital or acquired a defect, soft tissue filler, soft tissue repair, chronic wound healing, osteoarthritis, alleviation of joint damage and it can also be used in increasing joint function. reduction and progressive traces in patients with extensive burns Scars-marks are contracted as is the deformity embodiments made on site, ie to eliminate that, in the maturation of scars and fixed remarkable results were obtained.


Today, thanks be made in the surgical treatment of breast cancer nipple breast-conserving surgery to remove only the loss of volume is sufficient for female patients. Many patients do not want to use the prosthesis is thought to work through adipocytes derived stem cells with stem cell-enriched fat tissue transplantation, it enables it to largely regain lost touch.