National model and license aircraft were purchased from Dornier closed 13 years ago in Germany. future aircraft technology from America, will give the name of Turkey.

Prime Minister Davutoglu made his presentation 'German domestic flights will be patented. SNC company will carry out the project in the US at the beginning of Fatih and Eren Ozmen, he bought the Dornier aircraft factory in Germany. 13 years without production factory, 32 persons developed by the American technology 'will produce Yerli' aircraft. Thus, Turkey will be producing country air! The defense industry companies will also give support.

FACTORY had been closed in 2002,

Prime Minister Davutoglu's "100 percent indigenous," said German patent introduced the first domestic passenger plane to be produced. Due to lack of demand branded Germany's Dornier aircraft will be in 2002, it is discontinuing production of domestic flights in Turkey.


propeller Dornier introduced as a model of the 1991-2000 domestic aircraft, jet model was produced in the period 1996-2002. Both models come withdrew from the production because demand. so far the only US passenger plane in question was determined using recognized by China and Denmark-based airline companies.

Old aircraft will be modernized

According to the distributed 'domestic flights' promotional brochure by the Ministry of Defense, Turkey took the two models currently being used in an aircraft abroad, will modernize the help of a US company. Then the 32-seater jet engines trj-328, while the propeller will be produced in Turkey with the name T-328. Brochure production in Turkey according to the US Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) will help the company.


The company has said that Turks living in the US Fatih and Eren Ozmen pair. NSC company of the Ozmen, said the German aerospace company that produces aircraft 328 Support Services has announced that shortly before purchase. Özmenler so that the manufacture of the Dornier 328 models will be produced in Turkey for domestic aircraft design, maintenance and had been with the intellectual property rights.

1.5 BILLION dollars are being spent

Fatih Ozmen SNC production rights of the plane in the first place according to the contract with the company will be purchased by Turkey. Then to do planning for 50 production aircraft. Defense Industry Support Fund will be met from the budget. While also involved in the production of TAI, the project's budget is expected to be $ 1.5 billion.