Emine Erdogan: Maternity Terror Force yen Persecution

Previous day vigil in front of the provincial building Diyarbakır’dak HDPE boy holding his mother visiting, listening to them one by one, giving morale, Emine Erdogan common to crave son, answered questions in the morning.

Respected Ma’am, have you visited the day before Mothers of Diyarbakir. On the last day of the year was a visit attracted much attention. What was your perception of what drives mother to Diyarbakir?
As you know, Hacir Anne, Diyarbakir on the basis of a political party that entered the building door and then asked for the account of the boy see a face that is delivered to a terrorist organization. That day began a new era in Turkey. As many times in history, the power of the mother’s heart, the politics, the weapon, we saw that the persecution of the yen. Because Anne was brought into Hacir son. Then the number of parents who want their children has increased with each passing day. Dozens of mothers, rip off from themselves the party-led terrorist organization, has sent mountain and chase the kid could not get any more news. Their pain, lit the wick of an epic struggle instead to bury their internal aspirations mothers. 40 years will change the course of history in the fight against the PKK think they put out a stance. I help them,

Emine Erdogan in Diyarbakir province HDPE family who found the visit to a sit-in in front of the building

Sir, we regret very surprise for us was a visit and we could not follow rather more powerful. Why did you visit the media shared the last minute?
Indeed, the subject was very kind and acumen to pass in front of the home of our visit there for months did not show much desire. But I listened to stories I realized that it was so heartbreaking that needs to be heard more loudly with your today’s occasion, I agree to the request for this interview. I talked almost every family in front of their private lives by the parties and organizations of their actions constantly told they had been threatened. If the state had not been assigned special protection to these mothers, they stressed it would be impossible to maintain this resistance almost.

So Diyarbakir Mothers, how and why they showed the courage today?
All-embracing policies of our government, of services and reforms, the region has strengthened the view that the people of our state in a positive way. Multiplied negative outlook for the Organization organizations, domestic violence and abuse. I believe that all people of the region see them very sagacious manner. This also increases the mother of confidence and courage. Indeed, this movement gave results; days, and months of anticipation, the happy news slowly began to turn into tears of joy. Sometimes 10, sometimes 12, sometimes 15-year-old mother of severing the children who find the opportunity, years later, the mother returned to their homes they receive power from the fight.

Do you think this civil action creates what kind of results?
This civil action, stuck like arrows into the heart of terrorism. And the chemistry of the terrorist organization, memorization of both, I think that disrupt both accounts. Our officials, is accelerating the escape from the organization, they said that they came to a halt contributions to the organization. I believe that the mother of oil torch, all of the people there was light, a wave of increased social awareness.

The lady then what was the table that you see when you go in person? For months, mothers, families sitting there. This view tells you what?
What I saw when I visited them closely go to Diyarbakir, great courage behind this stance. Home brewed in the hearts of love, I saw how that breaks through the darkness of terror. They were brave and determined. Son to pull out from the tyranny of the swamp, there was a determination to bring them back to the future of this country. And asking account to supporting terrorism. ‘Your children are reading in college, why ours in the mountains?’ they cried. This fair will ask an account of a mother! Because they are children, they imagine it to be read and profession. Can it requests more natural?

As you know, some mothers get their son. You talk with them. They said they share the joy with you.
Yes, the joys of mothers who received their son really tear. Our security forces, riveted confidence in our state. And now there to support the expectations of each other moms. 20 thousand children of the terrorist organization the last 35 years there are reports that tear the family. Now thousands of sons, their mother, are waiting to meet their families. Diyarbakir struggle of the mother, that’s 20 grand son from the tyranny of the majority as far as possible the organization hangs in the balance. I sincerely believe that; How great is the threat of a terrorist organization, nor the barrel of a gun, no matter how cold, warm the hearts of mothers are doomed to remain ineffective in the face! After that, no one’s strength, nor in Diyarbakir, nor has any other city, no mother will not be enough to kidnap the son of the terrorist organization. Now the politics of our country in the fight against terrorism, the psychology, assumptions have also changed. After the fight, the road opened dignified mother of Diyarbakir, is used to take a much more powerful way. I believe it from the heart. What happened in Diyarbakir, it proves that trying to prevail on the strength of arms of the love of power.

Do this statement is very important. He said that the resistance of Diyarbakir Mothers affect the psychology of terrorism.
The participation of the Organization, having down to the lowest level in the history, and to what extent justified this struggle shows that successful. Mothers, by all means put aside, he adheres directly to the organization’s collar. The success of this struggle is absolute. Because we believe in, ‘the ideology of motherhood, there is no politics!’ Mother-son relationship, the most powerful in the universe, the clean is one of the most gratuitous bond. It should be noted that the separatist terrorist organization, has declared war on the family that founded this sacred bond. Home has dedicated their son. He was referring to the values ​​of society. Therefore I was doing the Diyarbakir mother, only to immerse children into the terror organizations, I think that saved their lives. They were also protect from the effects of terrorism in the future of society. It’s the ripple effect in the coming days,

How do you evaluate the attitude shown in Diyarbakir Mothers Society?
not the gun, saying that politicians prefer the so-called legitimate political field, direct their mothers screaming helpless in the face of this truth to their face. The attitude in the face of terrorist organizations who are always ambivalent in amazement. These cuts, the struggle of Diyarbakir mothers were satisfied or chose to ignore or stopgap weak kabilinden few words. Turkey and the Turkish nation against all kinds of discourse, action, fiction also collapsed convert those assets into the goal to be supporters of the movement. Some political parties and some civil society organizations, who, under the mask of that hostility towards Turkey dropped guise of international institutions, has emerged from behind the dark side. But many artists who support the Diyarbakir mother, writer, I know that the community leaders. I also thank them for their Susceptibility. never forget that; give ear to Diyarbakir mother, it is to give ear to the main martyrs. We have to give each other a gun at the shoulder for a Turkey that no sons of this homeland. we all do not bother to do this? Yüreğimizdeyk the pain of our martyrs, we should give more effort to lose our childrens.

Thank you very much, Madam. Lasly, what do you want to say?
A mother, a woman, I support the resistance of this holy mother of Diyarbakir as a human being. I congratulate annebaba are exhibiting great courage and determination. Burning longing hearts of all the mothers I hope to meet their son for a moment before. Remembered that carrying wood to the fire of terrorism goes flash in this fire. A spoon carrying water to the mill of terror raging water drowned expenses. Turkey, Turks, Kurds, Arabs, the cerkie from different backgrounds is a country where 82 million live in peace and brotherhood. Hopefully it will continue to remain.

Diyarbakir sit-in that began on September 3 121’inc entered the day their mother. 5 year old daughter Asmin Nisa with the new year on child continues to guard her mother Süheyla Iron, “We are very happy with the visit, Emine Erdogan. Us even more encouragement, we further strengthened. Asmin was interested for a long time to take arms. Hopefully, Emine Hanim feet of us auspicious revenues. Our Son individual income. Give comforted us with the message that, “he said.