What is the role of Istanbul? Carlos Ghosn, how many?

Nissan Motor Co. Carlos Ghosn, Renault’s former CEO and the trial and went to Lebanese citizens abducted from Japan, where it was kept under surveillance at his home. Brazilian-born Ghosn’s private jet business people being illegally while in Istanbul “route” is used as it turned out. Even the ‘historic flight on Turkish companies were allegedly used one or two of their jets. So how many Carlos Ghosn? Carlos Ghosn, the kidnapped Turks in what role? That is written in the international media, and according to the information given scenario drawn a senior police officer told prominent spokesman possibilities.

Carlos Ghosn, how many? What is the role of Istanbul? Here are the details …
Carlos Ghosn story of the history of the event summary and allegedly put forward as the most powerful escape;


* Cars of the most important names from the world-Mitsubishi joint venture of Renault-Nissan chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in November last year the scope of the investigation conducted by the prosecutor’s office in Tokyo. Carlos Ghosn, has received the salary of millions of dollars lower declare whether he violated the tax laws so that tax evasion was detected from Japan.

Carlos Ghosn, the “how many is” a mystery.


* Carlos Ghosn, remaining in prison for a while, was taken under house arrest in 13.8 million dollars bail Tokyo.

Kesinleşince prison sentence ACT PASSED

* Japan’s capital, Tokyo, Japan under the supervision of the intelligence court waiting for the day will come in April, Carlos Ghosn, lawyers “You’re arrested,” it was action.

* 13.8 million dollar plan to escape the burning of the bail Ghosn was prepared.

In this box was removed from the home by Carlos Ghosn, allegedly.


* Saturday, December 28, a group of persons Ghosn’s house “musicians come to the party” entered the ID. Ghosn hours after acting as if throwing a party at home with the musicians “carrying case contrabass of” managed to get inside the house.

OSOKA WENT at 506 km from Tokyo

* Ghosn, the same day the night was taken to Osaka is located 506 kilometers away.

ISTANBUL JETLINE was brought from Osaka

* On the morning of December 29 at 11: 10 in Ghosn, a private jet from Osaka, where thousands were brought to Istanbul. After several hours of December 29 in Istanbul Ataturk Airport Carlos Ghosn he flew the jet to the same or another jet to Lebanon’s capital Beirut.

WHERE knotted CLAIM: ISTANBUL conundrum

Historic relevant to the Istanbul stop the escape are many scenarios. Osaka-Istanbul-Beirut the most emphasized from allegations made by taking into account private jet flights within the triangle is as follows;


* Tarkan Serena started a Turk named TC-registered aircraft TSR moved to Osaka Kansai International Airport from December 29 to Sunday hours 12.05’t.
He landed at Istanbul Ataturk Airport at 23.10 hours. Famous businessman was allegedly brought to this work flown to Istanbul.


* Changing a few hours Ghosn, who is here in Istanbul aircraft allegedly flew Beirut.

* The international media, while the plane that Ghosn taken to Beirut SDIF started to be spoken Challenger 300 jet type.

* If from SDIF officials have not yet received a description of these claims to the international media.

Contradiction CAME MNG

* Carlos Ghosn to escape the mng’y dependent on the use of private jets was proposed. Speaking to TV 100 MNG Holding’s boss, Mehmet Nazif Günal denied this claim.

In an automotive company some news about the escape of former CEO Carlos Ghosn, the media took place. Among the people taken into custody on the subject has been suggested that MNG Cargo manager.

We would like to indicate that MNG any domestic or foreign residence within the cargo air transport operations performed and whether the subject of the news events that have nothing to do with our company.

In this process, MNG Cargo brand and our company reserves the right to recourse to legal remedies relating to any content that could damage the reputation indicates that we hold, we ask you to promptly removed from all channels of the news published this content.


MNG Cargo International and Domestic Transportation Inc

SDIF seized two years ago Reza Zarraba of Challenger 300 aircraft.

REZA Zarraba the AIRCRAFT!

* Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of the Challenger 300 aircraft type ‘owner’ is held in custody in the United States, in Zarraba fugitive position in Turkey Reza (Reza Sarraf).

EL 2017 was PLACED

* Istanbul Cumhuriyet covered Başsavcılığı’nca initiated the investigation, and the assets of close to Reza Zarraba ‘political and military espionage in favor of foreign states’ hands had been placed on December 2, 2017 due to crime.


* Carlos Ghosn, in one way or another with a private jet Istanbul to Beirut certain that out. So Istanbul Police said the plane, Carlos Ghosn is whether ‘Did not you know?’

* Üzt levels spokesman told a police officer if the international community in the following broad repercussions for the Istanbul leg of the escape, said:

* “Fly private jet from Japan, refueling etc. to make or specifying the grounds on the tower asks your permission for landing at Ataturk Airport. A private jet at the international airport in the region with the permission given. “

* “The captain of a private jet gives officials about the facts related and routes flown. Any officer does not search inside the aircraft. Just looking at the code jets to departure and arrival routes. “

* “Followed by private jet refueling continues again up of international routes. Only a detailed investigation carried cases for notification and security threats.

* “For lack of any notice relating to shield private jet from Japan made a detailed search of the plane.”