Airlines pay salaries to foreign hostess how much?

CHP Hatay deputy Ismet Tokdemir, Vice President Fuat weight of the economic crisis, the desire to answer by Oktay in writing to our country through now, and despite high youth unemployment, which is one of Turkey’s most important institutions of Turkish Airlines for several years in Morocco, Colombia, Mauritius, different as Lithuania in line with international country nationals to be employed as cabin attendants asked.
Turkey in particular knows the language to be able to function in this line or that which could find thousands of young people learn the language in a short time Tokdemir asking that recruited cause of the people of these countries, Oktay led to the following questions: In this framework; THY extensively in the foreign airline performing flights on international lines like the ones in their class and THY is there such an application? Turkish Airlines is why he went to such an application? Turkish Airlines cabin crew are employed by many foreigners as of today? TK is how to pay the salaries of foreign cabin crew? THY’s cabin attendants who are our own citizens instead of foreign cabin crew on the way to take part in these lines Is there a plan or program, such as raising? “